Navigating the future

Front end technology innovation consultancy

specialising in identifying white space, new concept generation and prioritisation from idea to prototype

Clarity of vision


 Identifying the right problem is critical to successful innovation.  When starting a project we always ensure we are looking in the right places.


If you create a great solution to the wrong problem, it is still the wrong solution


And elegant solutions to the wrong problems can be very expensive.


The right problem to solve, may not be to just create a better product or service.  The business model, route to market, supply chain, production system or marketing strategy may all need to be addressed.  Innovation is more than product development, it is a whole business thing.


A different lens


Clients often comment that they keep seeing the same insights, and the same ideas repeating in a kind of corporate merry go round innovation churn.

Ground breaking ideas are rare.


We think this is because everyone is looking at the problems in the same way, with the same agencies, the same data and the same approaches.


By using different types of lens, you see new things, which naturally leads to new clues, hunches, insights and ideas on which to build.  This new view of our fascinating world leads to big results


Future compass


Navigation is about direction and timing.  Timing is just as critical to the innovation challenge as the direction you need to take.


A great solution to the right problem at the wrong time, it is still the wrong solution.


Innovation history is littered with examples of bad timing.  Being ahead of game is often as bad as being too late.


Do you have a handle on the timing and direction of your innovation pipeline ?

Into sharp focus

Once we know were we are going and when we want to get there, we are quickly going to find obstacles in our way. By focusing on the right obstacles, solving the right problems, we concentrate our resources in exactly the right places, optimising efficiency and chances of successful innovation.


We spend little time worrying about solutions.  Instead, by taking sneaky reconnaissance snapshots, we build a detailed picture of the target and only then do we focus on generating the right solution to the right problem .


On technical problems we invariably invent something new.  And for consumer insight pieces we invariably come up with a whole new way to approach the market.

Being different



We have a no nonsense, pragmatic approach: using the appropriate tools and resources in the most appropriate way.  We work alongside you and are said to be a pleasure to work with.  But most of all, we get results.


Everything we do is underpinned by one of the most thorough and rigorous studies of innovation conducted, based on IP analysis.   This ongoing research is continuously updated and refined to give our clients the best possible support.
We love what we do and share what we learn


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